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Imo it isn't about the titles as much as it is the work done to get the titles and honest evaluations of the dog for breed worthy attributes seen during the process of achieving a title. I know plenty of dogs with titles that shouldn't be bred. Lots of breeders buying titled dogs for the marketability of the title, when they know little themselves about the dogs or what "great" looks like, because they aren't working the dogs themselves. When I was talking to breeders my first question was, "are you working and titling your dog's?" If not, I moved on. I don't believe you can make many claims about your breeding stock if you aren't working it. Just mho. After I asked that question, I'd want to have someone I trust with me evaluating the sire and dam. My guy came from out of country, so had people my TD trusts (who I trust greatly) check everything out for me.

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