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Originally Posted by ArcherGSD View Post

Hi Everyone,
Just got my first GSD and he is 13mth old Male and I am his second owner.

He is very energetic, he will sit when i tell him to (most of the time) but then he is straight up, we cant have him inside cause he wont sit down at ALL, we will not lay down and relax while anyone is around him.

When my kids , myself or my partner go out he jumps up and scratches them, and has drawn blood on myself and my partner. I have tried pushing him down and saying no, i have tried the knee in the chest, nothing seems to work, we cant turn around cause he just scratches out backs.

I dread the thought of taking him to the vet!

We have only had him for a month and cant seem to work him out.

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance
It might be asking too much for a 13-month-old dog to change in 30 days. I think that you need to give it a little bit more time and establish some basic training, to change previous behaivor established guidelines you'll get there I'm sure you will
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