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New from North East Ohio

Hello and here is the observations and background on our dog Koda. I will try to keep this brief but wanted to provide information to set the scene.

One week ago, Sunday, the wife and I adapted a 4 year old, 95 pound German shepherd from a rural APL. The dog was listed as "owner surrender" with his brother. We knew we could only take one of of the dogs.
Koda was at the APL for only 4 days before we got him. He had a slight case of kennel cough and has been neutered.

Monday morning, a visit to the vet for a general check up and anitbotics for the cough.

In high school, I had a Shepherd / husky mix. I had the dog for 12 years. After he passed, I had cocker spaniel for 17 years, he passed in May 2013. After some time, I wanted another dog.

Our dog Koda so far has been amazing. He knows his name, and basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Koda does not respond to "down". If I say "Bed", he goes right to his dog bed in the living room.
Appears house broken, no accidents or chewing / distroying anything in the room. While out for a walk on a loose leash , he walk directly next to me. If we stop to cross the street, after about 30 seconds, he will just sit down. When it is time to move, I can just say "come" and he will walk. In teh back yard, I will have him sit, then walk about 15 - 20 feet away, turn around and call him he will come.

We have not introduced the dog to our cats yet. At the APL and during walks, Koda has not shown any signs of wanting to chase outdoor cats or squirels.

Koda has an area set up in the living room with a large dog bed. We set up a baby gate to keep Koda in a "welcome to the house" room.
Our 4 cats were here first, but we have isolated them to the top floor of the house, with the door closed when Koda is introduced to the other areas of the house.
We though that Koda would go through a few days of being thankful he is not in the kennal, adjusting to a new home, and possibly missing his brother.

When Koda is with us in the front room, the baby gate is closed, and the upstairs door is open slightly so the cats can come and go.

We are working on a schedule for outside until we can determine what signals the dog give that he wants to go out. Koda has just started eating 2 days ago, but has been drinking water everyday, so I think he is getting more comfortable with us and his new home.

I am looking forward to a lifetime of fun and companionship with Koda. And gain knowledge from this board.
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