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This little guy's a Trooper! (non-GSD)

I wanted to start a thread to share pictures/updates of my new foster dog. Properly named, "Trooper" was pulled by me for local rescue from our county kill shelter Friday morning. He was brought in as a stray, found with many wounds on his body. He was not friendly when found, and rightly so... The vet on call checked him out and said she thought he looked like he had been hit by a car. Antibiotics and pain medication and he sat for over a week before I stepped up to pull him, as he was on the urgent list needing rescue.

Thought to be 7 years old by the vet at the shelter, our vets think he's more like five... and instead of being hit by a car, they are thinking chemical burn. The vet said his wounds look like burn victims she's seen, but worse. She suspects if he had been hit by a car hard enough to send him flying and to get all of these wounds, he would have broken bones and more lacerations. It looks much more like something was poured on him, unfortunately.

If he had come into the clinic right after receiving these wounds, she said she would have rushed him into surgery. Unfortunately, he was left to suffer and they started healing, so she is taking a "wait and see" approach to hope he can heal on his own. We have three vet visits a week scheduled to make sure his "burns" as we are calling them, are healing properly. He's on three different pills, a liquid antibiotic, and a topical ointment 2x a day. She said he will get worse before he gets better. We went for a long walk Friday evening, a short walk Saturday morning, and Saturday night he was not interested in eating. Many of his wounds have opened up and the skin is dying and falling off along with a lot of his hair. He honestly looks a bit like a zombie dog.

All that said, he is a SUPER sweet, obese little Chihuahua mix fellow with a heart of gold. I cannot imagine what he's been through or being so trusting after it, but I am glad that he was trusting enough that we could give him a chance. He's not housetrained whatsoever, but we can worry about that later.

Onward to the pictures! There will be graphic pictures, I would advise you not to look if you're squeamish. I'm taking pictures of his wounds daily to keep track of how they're progressing.

Right after we met, at animal control.

All he wanted was belly rubs...

His healing skin is very "jerky like" we call it.

He got a cute little collar and loved his walk.

He's got a darling little weasel face.

And these are his wounds this evening, day two with him.

You can see higher on his back, where all of that dead skin has fallen off and it is now fleshy and pink, healing and will hopefully scar up quickly.

Back in his "top bunk" above Patton's crate, ready for bed. Wish I could let him sleep with me, but... the skin and hair falls off so easily, that would be a gross mess.

As for whomever/whatever did this to him or left him like this... well, we all know there's a special place for them. Hopefully karma will do its job. Thanks for looking!

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