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Vaccinations?? Are we hurting these beautiful dogs??

I have a beautiful female working-line Czech GSD that is 20months old. I got her at 12weeks old. A few months after her initial vaccinations she began itching, scratching, nibbling everywhere. She also developed eye drainage. This has continued to her current age. She was initiated on a raw diet by her experienced breeder. She was continued on raw diet for months, but she began to lose interest in her raw meals. She was gradually changed in her diet through several different manufactures: Bravo Balanced, Primal, Honest Kitchen, Stella and Chewy's, Fromms, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, etc. With supplements from Pure Planet (Spirulina, Organic Best of Greens, Just Barley, Vit C.) and Salmon Oil (although she has not had these supplements for months). Benadryl was as joke, had no impact (as I've read). None of these changes have had any impact on her itching.
I previously had an AKC show line GSD (Senna) who was a big beautiful boy that I'll miss forever, but he was beset with allergies and IBS (terrible) and other problems not germane to this thread. We spent many thousands of dollars on him for frequent vet appointments, many medications (very often repeated), x-rays, allergy testing and shots, many vet specialist visits (housing/testing/treatments and therapies), carpet cleanings / changes, and on and on. You get the idea.

What was the cause of his autoimmune problems?? Not sure, but the cost was staggering. But I loved him, how can one simply say, forget it, that's enough. I couldn't.
Before Senna we had a working-line German GSD (1991-2001), and she never had a hint of these problems (she died of lymphoma). We were ignorant of her heritage (all Pink Papers an Schutzhund heritage) and only knew (after she passed) that she was probably a once-in-a-lifetime dog for us.
So, here I am again dealing with an apparent autoimmune disorder. Is this a likely result of vaccininosis?? I'm sick of seeing my 20month old girl suffering with this constant itching. BTW we've tried baths and topicals...
If you can offer advise, help,,,please I don't wan't her to continue suffering!!
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