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Honestly I would hope he's not a wolf mix at all. I volunteered at a wolf sanctuary for four years and we took in a number of low to high content wolf mixes. Even many of the low contents were insanely difficult to handle. Most of the actual wolf hybrids I saw people take in were given up to us because they just couldn't live in a household for various reasons (severe anxieties, dog aggression, human aggression, danger to children, escape artists, incredibly destructive). The only man I ever saw that was able to safely take care of his hybrids built an enclosure in his five acre backyard and poured a ridiculous amount of money into landscaping it into a really great stimulating environment for the two hybrids he had. They're a huge responsibility and a lot of people don't realize that they are nothing like regular dogs. Anyways you've got a great looking pup, looking forward to seeing more pictures as he grows up!
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