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I have to say this. I had a GSD once that was fine if I crated her while I was home, but if I left with her crated, she would do what yours did to that crate.

It is possible that she just needed to get out because of the gastrointestinal problem. It is also possible, weird maybe, but possible, that your dog has a problem with being crated when you are not home?

Instead of getting a new crate, I would probably get a 5x10 kennel from Tractor Supply Company. They are on sale for a couple of days for $249. They are six foot tall, and come in panels. You can put them together with an adjustable wrench.

I would restrict food for 24 hours to clean up the diarrhea, and then, hopefully go back to letting her out every couple of hours. Maybe after pottying a quick session with that ball. I would try to keep her right with you as much as possible, but I would kennel her if you leave rather than putting her in a small crate.

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