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Ok, I am glad I asked, because I was going to say, raising her away from her litter would not have helped. But if you mean from 8 - 16 weeks, yeah, the dog missed out on some serious socialization period.

There are two ways you can go here. It sounds like you have tried the treats and stuff, and the dog is in such a zone that it can't eat a treat. Ok. The positive people would encourage you to stay outside of the dogs threshold. This means starting at maybe fifty feet away today, and you see a bicycle, the dog sees it and it is far enough away the dog not react, you click and treat and go home. Stay at that level for a couple of days or a week and then bring it closer, 45 feet. 40 feet. Keep the dog under the level where it reacts.

The other thing you can try, if you are convinced that this is a dog with a solid temperament, is to fit the dog with a prong collar and the moment it starts to go into its routine, give a quick correction, and keep going. Eh! It's just a dog, and keep moving. Don't stop. Don't socialize. Do not apologize (unless she connects which goes without saying). Just keep moving, "Eh, it's a dog," and then Heel! Good Girl, Good Heel. That prong collar will probably snap her out of the zone and at that point, Heel! and immediately when she is in position, Good Girl.

That is correcting a youngster for something that could be a fear-reaction, but it could be not allowing a dog to bask in her fear, and learn a coping method that is embarrassing and unhelpful.

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