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Absolutely Unruly/Charging on Leash

It's moments like these that I wish I'd had Stella from the beginning. For the first few months of her life (away from her littermates), she received little socialization and certainly didn't have any ground rules set. Now, at 5-months-old, she could use some work.

When I take her on walks, she's fine for the most part. We've finally got her to where she doesn't pull. The REAL problem is when a car or a person or a bicycle goes by. Then, her hair stands on end and she lunges. Nothing I do will redirect her focus. Not treats. Not corrections. Not sit/down commands (which she does know). Any suggestions on how to handle this? Should I switch from a flat collar to something else? Should I try to get her around others even though she's showing aggression? (On a side note, she's met strangers in our home and hasn't shown ANY signs of aggression in those situations... yet.)

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