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Growling for *no* reason?!

Hi all,

I have a ~4-7 year old GSD named Hildy. She has several behavioral issues, including DA and reactivity, but what has me puzzled is her inexplicable growling.

A week or so ago, she was lying in the middle of the living room floor, snoozing on and off, and all of a sudden she looked straight up at the ceiling and growled. The fan wasn't on, there was no noise that I could hear (but the TV was on so maybe she heard something out of the ordinary), the cat was sleeping in another room, and I was the only one home with her.

Just now, she was laying at my feet, like she always does, when she started growling. I didn't move, the cat didn't move, the TV was off, there was no noise. Anyway she was just laying there on her side, growling; then she barked her aggressive bark 3x, then I said her name -- I didn't know if she was sleeping and I sure wasn't going to stick my head in her face to check when she was growling. She paused when I said her name, then picked the growling back up in a lower pitch and barked another couple of times. All told, about one full minute of growling + barking.

I already have a vet visit scheduled for next week for a check-up. Are there other conditions I should ask him to look / test for?

Maybe I just have a ghost
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