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I think robk gave you great advice about the car, and I'd look at a private seller too. Lots of people sell their old cars for cheap when they want a new one. The thing about this new apartment that I want to point out is that if you're a private person then it might not be a good idea to live surrounded by people who do nothing all day, because they're retired. I know lots of retired people who've enjoyed this time in their life, where they devote alot of time to volunteering for causes they believe in. However, I also know from past experience that it only takes a couple of busybodies to make your life a living nightmare. So before taking this new place, I'd be looking to meet the neighbors first. If they're friendly and interesting and have a life, then go for it. If they're nosey and critical and sit at the window watching the action all day long then save yourself the nightmare of being their next entertainment. Good luck with your decision!
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