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Scent drive?

Is it even a thing? I have seen a lot of people mention their dogs are food driven or toy driven when it comes to training. Is there anything that can be done with one who seems more scent driven?
This morning his nose was to the ground practically 90% of the time when I took him out to play in the morning on his 30 ft leash. With all the snow quickly diminishing there is so much more for him to sniff. We use to play ball for quite a bit but he quickly lost interest to go sniffing. I am thinking of making it a command like "go sniff". So that he only does so when allowed.
In the winter time he would love to follow the tracks of deer, other animals who's tracks I did not recognize & even a man and his dog's track. I could see the tracks in the snow and have come across them before.
I ended up on Thursday taking him to petsmart and using his canned food mixed with some water to work on his reactivity. He was so busy sniffing the air for the food that he completely ignored four dogs with ease and his attention on me was astounding. I probably looked silly standing in the parking lot with a dog food bowl and a shallow serving spoon, but it worked.
I just bought some ketchup/mustard dispensers and am going to try that next time. I have gone through so many treats (hamburger, cheese, hot dogs, nature balance rolls, variety of treats already made, freeze dried liver) and even toys. He does seem more toy driven than food driven, but scent drive (again if it even is a thing) seems to trump all else.
Sorry I tend to ramble but overall is scent drive even a thing and if so any ideas/suggestions on how to use it as a training reward?

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