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Originally Posted by sehrgutcsg View Post
I kind of understand where your going here >

My thought is; you're not ready to commingle with the neighbors, you want to keep to yourself, afraid of ridicule. Am I correct ?

If this is the case, get treatment for that and stay at home with your parents where you feel more secure. Then once you can get into an elevator and start up a conversation with anybody that smiles at you, your ready to move on, from what I read here, your not ready and asking here is the proof. Sorry to be blunt, know about these feelings and the inability to just talk about the weather to a stranger seems difficult, you need emotional stimulation and what's called coping skills !!

btw, a bus pass is your ticket..
Um, it's not that bad. I can start a conversation with almost any one. Not too long ago I jokingly asked a woman for her car and payments and she laughed and everything. I can talk to people.

I CAN comingle with the neighbors, but I know from experience it's not worth it. It's better to live some place for years without knowing your neighbor's name or face, then to be nice to them and have them making comments about you and listening to every single one of your phone calls.
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