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Originally Posted by robk View Post
I cannot give you advice on your living situation. Only you know whether moving would be add value to your life. I can offer you some inside information on the car business. I have been in the car business in various forms for most of my career. You can pretty much always assume that every car being sold at a public auction has something wrong with it. The auctions protect the sellers as they are a clearing house and act as mediator for the transaction. If the car was in good running shape or had a minor problem that could be inexpensively repaired the seller (mostly independent car dealers) would retail it them selves. There is also a draw back to buying a car from a private party. The draw back there is that you get no warranty if there are problems down the road. However, I would take my chances with the private party over the public auction because you can take the car to your own mechanic to have it checked out prior to making a final commitment. You cannot do that if you buy through the auction.
I know there was no advice about the living situation, but I like and appreciate the car buying advice. Thank you.
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