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Default Pictures of my dog, Xena (Non GSD)

I wasn't sure where to put these so if they need to be moved or anything sorry about that! Just went on a picture taking spree today of Eko and Xena Bean!

Her spot on the bed, she sits by my head and stares out the window until it's time to come cuddle under the covers:

Her "Please don't go to work Mom" face

Feelin' frisky....

Going to get me...

Time to wrestle!

A wild Eko appears! Xena is distracted!

...Which is when I make my move and grab her and make her cuddle. She is not amused.

You'd never know she had a rubber band in her mouth and had to be chased a few seconds after this was taken. The face of innocence!

After that time to go outside and burn off some energy

Then we came inside and Xena waited very patiently for her treat
Mr. Eko 2/14/2012 - My first GSD and my little Romeo
Xena 11/30/12 - My first APBT and my little warrior princess
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