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Does anyone have any renting and car experience?

Do any of the members on here have experience with renting homes and buying cars? I would like to ask for advice.

I currently live with my parents in a beat up older home. My parents own this land and house, but the house needs renovating badly. My parents are in a financial tight situation and they told me not to spend my money on repairing the house, to let them do it when the time came.

In December 2013, in an episode of my illness, I applied to four apartment complexes in town. Since then, my medicines have kicked in and so far I am no longer sick. I seem to be in my right mind.

About one or two days ago, one of the apartment complexes called and I told the lady I was still interested in a 1 bedroom apartment.

My first question is, am I doing the right thing by moving out?

My father says no, but my mother says "you go girl!".

The apartment complex is really nice, and features the elderly and disabled. My rent would be based on my income, which should be around $100 a month.
That is not including other bills, like power, tv, internet, and phone.

Currently at my parents' home, I pay 1/3 of all bills which totals to $100 per month and I pay my cell phone bill. If I move, I can get rid of that cell phone and get a cell phone for emergencies at no cost.

Another one of my concerns is my neighbors.

The last time I moved away from my parents and out of the country, I was renting a 1 bedroom apartment in a duplex house. My neighbors, a woman and her son, constantly talked about me and I could hear it through the walls. Whenever I took a phone call and moved to another room, she moved with me and heard my phone calls. She would talk about me and make comments about me, and whenever I moved, she moved with me.

It got to the point in which I could not study and I was happy to get out of there when I had an episode and my mother moved my things out while I was hospitalized.

These are mostly elderly people, but the woman who did that to me was in her 40s. My question is, if my next neighbor does me that way, how can I cope with it? How can I study with it? I plan on NOT introducing myself to my neighbors and keeping totally to myself.

Now, about a car. It is a simple question.

If I buy a car out of someone's yard, it will cost more. However, if I go to the car auction, I can buy a car much cheaper. The problem with the car auction is I have to have my father and a bidder with me. The problem is not with the bidder, but my father. He has a certain way of acting and if you do something he wouldn't do, he'll talk down on it.

For example, my sister paid around maybe $1200 for a Ford Tarus that lasted 4 years. My father didn't want her to buy it, but she bought it any way. He talked bad about it constantly, saying she paid too much and that it had problems. He did the same thing with my mother when she paid $12000 for a 2 year old trailblazer that has been going for 8 years. He talked bad about it too and here's the thing, before you know it he'll ask and beg you to drive your vehicle after talking so bad about it.

I don't want him to control anything, but knowing him he'll tell the bidder not to bid too much. Then, there's the hundred of people who will be at the auction. I am fearful of people and I am afraid someone will talk about me or make fun of me, since a lot of people there may be ghetto.

Does anyone have any advice at all about buying a car?

Last but not least, thank you for reading this! Thank you!
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