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Difference between East and West lines

Okay, I have my own opinion based on being around different lines of GSD, however, on Facebook I got in an argument with a breeder after someone asked what the difference was between an East German, DDR GSD and a West German GSD. I asked if she meant west working line or west show line. This breeder said their is no difference at all, that they are all just GSD. He said that people made up that there was any difference and called them lines so they had a selling point. I am hoping to not get in an argument over this question but I am curious as to what a GSD community of people think.
This breeder breeds what I call American show line, he doesn't called them a line cause lines don't exist. I know there have been discussions on different lines but I want to put this out there to just ease my mind if I am wrong about there being differences in DDR, West working, West show and American show dogs. My biggest thing is why would they all be called by different names if there wasn't a difference lol. He says marketing ploy. But to me even a novice person should be able to visually see a physical difference let alone someone that breeds the breed, right? And physical traits aren't the only differences I've observed. But he breeds GSD, so maybe I am wrong??
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