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Is My Dog challenged?

I have a white german shepherd named Ghost. I used to own his mother before my parents found her another home. (Against my will)
This was due to her constantly jumping the fence and trying to get inside the house. Ghost was the only pup of the litter, which was odd. However, he was healthy and huge. He did mature very quickly though. Started eating solid food at three weeks. He also seemed pretty intelligent and alert. He would bark and stand gaurd, and showed al lot of promise.
As he grew older I trained him. And after he got around six months, well, he got dumb. He licks everything he sees. Once he even licked a fire pit while it was lit. Then ran to his water because that clearly hurt. He also stares blankly for several minutes even if I try to get his attention. He cannot seem to understand the command "lay" no matter how hard I try to train him. He knows: sit, stay, give me paw, no, here boy, and his own name.
But somehow lay is too challenging for him?
Also, he is good on a leesh. He never leads, however he does constantly switch sides back and forth behind me.
Hmm.. what else. Oh! He does this weird hump thing. Where he arches his back and shakes while humping. I am worried he has a medical issue. I hope it's just excitement. Anyway, I'm worried he is mentally retarded.

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