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We did an elimination diet for several weeks before we switched back to raw. That is when we fed Nature's Varity Instinct LID Lamb. She did fairly well on it, the itching decreased a lot. But she didn't eat well.
I'm not so concerned about all the grain food stuffs as we would choose grain free anyway. She will miss her popcorn with daddy, though.
I can't afford much lamb on raw. And she won't touch raw quail and I'm not sure she would eat raw duck if I could get it and afford it.
NV does have lamb and duck LID formulas so maybe I could keep her interested if I rotate them. That is if I can get her to eat kibble again.
She is just so picky. Some of the proteins she won't touch are also ones she is sensitive to anyway.
Oddly enough she loves chicken. Chicken just doesn't like her.
I fed her right before I got the results. Of course I fed her venison and turkey. Poor girl quite itchy...

I just got the results tonight by email, so we haven't talked to the vet yet. it's just frustrating at the moment.
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