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Unhappy NuriScan Results...Sigh

This is mostly a vent:

I got Ziva's NutriScan Food Sensitivity Test result's tonight. At this moment, I feel like feeding her for the rest of her life is going to be such a daunting task. I know in time it will get easier.

I suspected problems with pork and chicken very early on. After trying Orijen 6 fish I suspected a problem with whitefish.

Being she is raw feed a diet of mostly beef, venison and occasional turkey and goat and lamb, I give her salmon oil for omega 3's. (she doesn't like sardines anymore). Well she is sensitive to Salmon so that is out. Are sardines considered a white fish? Turkey and Venison are now out as well.

We have always given Ziva peanut butter in her kong and I use it to get her to take her heartworm pills. I hide her benedryl (for severe itchy days) in peanut butter so she will take them without a fight. Well don't I feel dumb now. Her most severe sensitivity is to peanuts.

After seeing all the things she can't or shouldn't have I don't feel I can continue to fed raw and keep her diet balanced and healthy. Makes me sad.

The worst part is she won't touch kibble anymore. I have know idea how I'm going to get her to eat LID kibble. She use to eat NV Instinct LID Lamb before we went to raw. But, she wasn't thrilled with it. She is such a picky eater (no wonder, everything makes her feel yucky).

Any advise on kibble or a way to continue RAW and still have a complete balanced diet that is still affordable is always appreciated.

Sorry for the big pics of the results. Couldn't figure out how to get the PDF file small enough to just link to it.

Here's her test results:

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