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Originally Posted by Harry and Lola View Post
I do basic to intermediate OB myself all the time, however I think it is far beneficial for your dog to be in a training environment with other dogs present, all doing the same thing, as this does help your dog learn to be near other dogs, ignore other dogs and assist in building a trust/bond relationship with you. Plus if you intend to trial, your dog will need to be used to being around other dogs.

I also like being trained as the trainer will pick up little things I am doing wrong, things I don't realise I'm doing, so for me classes help both me and my dog.
This pretty much sums up my feelings about dog classes. I've been to so many, with so many dogs, that I can almost recite the opening spiel, but I keep going because I haven't with this dog yet. And training them around other dogs and their owners, is great socialization, training around distractions, and I have friends there -- we can commiserate about everything, dog related and not dog related.

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