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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
Karlo is the only one I work/train. He has his IPO 1 and I'm hoping to trial for the 2&3 this Summer. I'm not all about competing, my trial nerves get the best of me.

My females lack temperament and structure to do anything competitive. Kacie has a bad elbow and Onyx has aggression issues.
I love competition. It's a great feeling (only if you win) lol. But I would I like to see my pup develop from a puppy who knows little to nothing to a mature dog who you can trust to be offleash and listen to your every command. I actually have never seen a super trained dog ib person before. Not like I have been to the right places where there is a high chance of me seeing that. Just the regular pet smart. And pet co. Lol. Maybe just walking around the neighborhood. Most dogs are always pulling their owners all over the place. But hey that's great. You have one titled dog. I don't doubt your other dogs are very trained either. I bet your family and friends are pretty impressed with your dogs as well. I know mine would be.
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