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Lime pellets - are they hazarous?

I have to put down lime to regrow the lawn. Haven't done anything much in the last few years to improve the back yard and last years grass growth was a miserable failure.

Can't find a straight answer online if lime pellets are harmful in small doses. My son is going to use a spreader to put it down.

Or how long it takes them to get worked into the soil. It's supposed to rain tonight. Wish I'd gotten it done Wednesday when we had like 3" of rain.

We fenced off the back 40 when the snow melted because Venus and Otto were running through the mud back there. Otto respects why the 4ft wire fence is there and he will stay out of it.

Not Venus! She was 3 months old when it was fenced off last year. So this year it's a puzzle for her - How do I get my naughty teenage self IN THERE. I've put back together the edges she's wiggled apart to sneak in.

Morgan used to do the same thing at that age - it's actually the same fence I bought when Morgan was a teenager trying to sneak into the garden just to prove she could. I can barricade it with chairs and booby trap it with noisy metal poles but I know she'll get in there because Morgan always had the will to find a way.

So am I looking at a week of no unsupervised yard time, 2 weeks? Anyone know how long it takes lime to work in?


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