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Sudden Death, Seeking Answers

My female shepherd died in her crate last night. She was about two months shy of being 10 years old. She was showing zero signs of illness last night. My male is fine. I emailed the breeder just now to ask how long her mother lived. Do aggressive dogs live shorter lives? I bought her from a county sheriff; she was 100 miles an hour at everything all the time, very energetic and high drive.

My dogs were in a fenced backyard a lot. She killed two possums in the past week, but didn't eat them. I've seen her kill moles before, too. All I can guess about the cause of such a sudden death is a blockage of some sort. I can't find any sort of poison she might have gotten into. She wasn't foaming or salivating at the mouth. Bloat or blockage is the only thing I know of that kills a dog this fast.

Thank you in advance for any condolences. I posted this in the general information thread because I am mostly just wanting to figure out what happened to my dog. Thanks.
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