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O.K. because in that thread I was one of the folks saying that dog should have been PTS. Instead it's in a rescue which surprised the heck out of me. The dog mauled a child, multiple bites, the child needed stitches. In that case even I don't think it's necessary for an evaluation!!!

Rest of what you write, sounds fair. The pragmatic crackem.

Really, that's all I'm saying is in some cases it's o.k. to have a knowledgeable pro look at the dog in person before a final decision is made.

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another day another locked thread. Later guys

The "Deciders" have spoken LOL

BTW Gwen, no I didn't read the brutus thread

and I wouldn't be opposed to an evaluator i just wouldn't find it necessary They'd come up with the same thing I said in my 2nd or 3rd post. If you want to live with a dog like that, keep it safe from everyone including itself. Myself? my time and resources are deserved by much better dogs.
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