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potty training problems

My GSD is about 9 months old. I'm having a rough time getting him completely potty trained. He almost always either urinates or goes number 2 when I bring him outside so I know he knows outside is where he's supposed to go. However, he goes in his kennel all the time. If I can't watch him or I'm not home, he goes in his crate. Sometimes he can go a couple hours without soiling in his crate, other times it may be just about an hour and he does it. I always take him out before he goes in there. It seems what the problem is, is that he doesn't hold it. I've tried putting blankets in there and he just pees or poops on them without it bothering him at all. The same goes for during the night. The most he ever needs to hold it is about 6 hours but I rarely see him actually holding it for that long. Any ideas on what I can do? By the way, his crate is not huge and is just big enough for him.
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