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"old style German Shepherds" is a cheesy sales pitch made by people breeding for oversized dogs. On the "Perfect German Shepherds" website there is zero information on the dogs they breed- pedigrees, titles, health certs- none... but there's the constant "just look at our website!" Can't say much about them besides their website leaving me with a slimy-used-car-salesman feel.

Hoffert Shepherds says, "we do not train for Schutzhund because we do not have a use for an attack dog." Someone who doesn't understand the sport that was basically developed as a way to evaluate this breed specifically doesn't know much about the breed. You can buy a "puppy for breeding" from them with zero requirements in terms of titling, etc- always a red flag- the breeder doesn't care about making sure good matches occur, etc. They say they guarantee against HD and ED but say that the cause is environmental (not genetics and faulty breeding). Again, no information about the dogs they are breeding.

I would pass on both. The cooldownunder site does not work.

Do research on the type of GSD you want- there are a variety of lines. And, contrary to what these sites touting "old fashioned GSD's" say, roached backs are not common. Many of the dogs on those sites advertising "straight backs" actually had swaybacks.

Look at the stickies on the "finding a breeder" section about what to look for.
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