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Looking for a breeder

I will travel, or ship. Price is not a huge factor, but I'm not rich. For the right pup I will pay what I must.

I want a pet/companion/best friend first and foremost. I would prefer it have the potential to work, not compete, work. I may or may not go back to my previous line of work so tracking, detection, protection and patrol are all possible.

If titling is required I'm willing, it's just I'm not a real people person.

Stable temperament, good nerves, health and longevity are a must. No hips and elbows breeders.

I like drive but not crazy high, I need a dog that will chill and be a friend to. I am familiar with the breed and well used to the teenage phase. I recently lost my old girl at 12, have an almost 11 year old male and a 3 year old female. I am aware of SSA issues and am well used to the crate and rotate game, in fact my home is set up for it. I want a female, I work better with the girls and prefer them. I will NOT spay prior to 2 years of age. I have almost 3 decades with dogs in my home and have never had an 'oops' litter, I just really dislike juvenile spays, on my own dogs. I have zero interest in breeding, I foster enough pups.
I dislike breeders who demand vaccination schedules, specific diets and early spay/neuter. I am educated and aware and prefer to make informed choices. I am looking for a breeder who will work with me. I'm not in a rush and I am prepared to wait for the right pup.
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