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Questions about aggression?

Questions about aggression?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395370361.739459.jpgQuestions about aggression?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395370391.320443.jpgQuestions about aggression?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395370421.707721.jpgQuestions about aggression?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395370534.126902.jpgQuestions about aggression?-imageuploadedbypg-free1395370550.210440.jpg

Hey guys,

So I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some help. I have a beautiful female Gsd, her name is Tessa. She is awesome! I've had her since she was ten weeks old. We have had obedience class when she was 16 weeks old and that lasted six weeks. There were other dogs in there including other GSd's in the class. We go for hikes, walks, and loves playing frisbee( not everyday but at least 3-4 times per week).. All of my friends have dogs that she plays with. So she has pretty good socialization with other dogs big and small.. She is spayed..I have had a friend that use to walk her and have her play with other dogs. But because of this winter that we've had she hasn't... She is now a year and a half old..

Recently she was diagnosis with have lime disease... I was very upset about it cuz I try keep her as heathy as possible. But ever since, she doesn't listen to my gf at all. Inside the house she does. Come, sit, etc. she's great. Her and I ended up getting a welsh corgi. Tessa loves her. They play great. Just good companionship with her I think.

But when my gf lets her out and if the neighbor dog is out she goes CRAZY!!! She jumps the fence and starts going nuts.
Now, my neighbor is a friend of mine. I've known her and her husband since high school. They are great ppl. They have a lab/collie mix I think. She a great dog. Tessa and her have playing since day one. But there have been two incidents that my gf and neighbor get freaked out because Tessa won't listen to either one of them. Has there dogs neck in her month clinching down not playing, but being scary. Trying to pull both dogs away from each other with Tessa not letting go. When I'm home she doesn't get like that. She listens really well with me...for the most part lol.

I don't know if it's the timing with the limes? Her not caring what my gf says when they go out? But I would love some feedback on the situation. Anything!!! I just don't want my neighbors/friends being pissed at me. She a GREAT dog. I just need some help.

Thanks a lot for any feed back!

P.S. Thought on a raw diet ?

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