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Most of the lists we've all memorized off the internet just give the plant names. Vague things to watch out for at best.

Rarely do any of them go into specifics as to how a plant is toxic. Toxic can mean as little as the dog will have an upset stomach or toxic toxic get to the vet.

Nobody can memorize things like 'Semi-Sweet Chocolate – Mild signs of toxicity can occur when 0.3 ounce per pound of body weight is ingested.' So that's 3 oz for every 10lbs of dog and my dog weighs 70lbs. i.e. chocolate is toxic but my dogs could eat the wholesale club size bag and not be affected. While it would kill the 10lb dog up the street.

Venus ate a bulb of garlic, I didn't even see her steal it but she started spitting up bile and I could smell it. Could see the garlic sleeve wrapper whatever they're called. I made her throw up everything in her stomach- she's no stranger to that. The only thing I did wrong was gave her an egg afterwards on a friend's advice. The egg came up. She's fine.


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