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Originally Posted by my boy diesel View Post
if you researched you would see it can destroy red blood cells
the lethal or toxic dose is unknown
you cannot see the damage it does so people tend to think it is harmless
in flea or tick areas with severe infestations i do not think garlic is enough either
Yes.. thank you. I understand that. my apologies for not going into detail on what exactly i read while researching, trying to save text space I suppose figuring people could google on their own... But since you did apparently research.. there is research done on amount actually broken down to weight of dog.. I'll have to try to find that one.. On the side of it being good.. that research specifically goes into the amount of chemical in onions vs Garlic which is almost untraceable in garlic.. but does state that over feeding, like anything is going to be harmful for your dog, but that the right amount is actually healthy and goes into different places to buy some including vet offices.


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