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Reoccurring vomiting/diarrhea

Early February, Kora had an incident of vomiting and diarrhea. Took her to the vet where they did blood work and x-rays. Blood work was normal. X-rays showed some kind of blockage from her small intestine to colon. Vet was about to close so recommended we take her to be hospitalized at the emergency vet. They kept her under observation overnight and gave her fluids and bland diet in the morning. We picked her up that evening, were given metronidozole (excuse my spelling) and pepcid ac, and kept her on boiled ground turkey and white rice for a few days before slowly switching her back to her regular diet (Blue Buffalo Wilderness). Exactly a month later, the same thing happened. Took her to her regular vet again - they tested for heart worm, giardia, and eventually we decided to do x-rays again. The x-rays showed that (again) there was some kind of a blockage and her colon was inflamed to 3x its normal size. Vet recommended bland diet, metro and pepcid ac again. We also began adding pumpkin to bland diet to up fiber intake. She was also given subcutaneous fluids. Took her back for a checkup a week later and vet said she looked good, to start getting her back on her regular diet, and to add psyllium powder (2tbs every 24 hours) to her food instead of pumpkin. Tentative diagnosis was colitis secondary to lack of fiber. None of the "blockages" were ever found to be a nonfood item that she ate.

A week later would bring us to today. Kora was outside with my husband and our husky. He reports that she began digging in the dirt and kind of coughing and then she threw up partially digested kibble and foam. This was before her dinner, so she hadn't eaten for 8+ hours. Then she kept doing this weird breathing/panting thing - I don't know how to describe it other than almost like almost burping. I called the vet immediately because it freaked me out so much - and they know me pretty well there by now. As I was speaking to the vet tech, Kora began to slow down her breathing, drank some water, and stopped doing that weird breathing thing, so we did not take her in. An hour later she ate dinner, and then she had diarrhea.

I plan on calling the vet in the morning (again) and withholding her breakfast.

I am at a loss. I cannot afford to keep taking her back to the vet for the same thing…she should not be getting continual bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, especially with added fiber to her food. She is almost 2 years old, has been on Wilderness for almost a year, but has never really had a good firm stool consistently…we have intermittently done pumpkin and she has had anal gland infections in the past, which they said was because she didn't have enough of a firm stool because of lack of fiber. I am considering raw diet, but with my schedule and my husband's schedule I am not sure how it would fit into our lifestyle, or where to start.

Any advice is appreciated.
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