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Scared of almost everything suddenly.

Hi everyone, I've had my puppy since she was 10 weeks old and she just turned 5 months.In the house with our other animals and all the people she is extremely friendly and not scared of anything indoors.

On walks she was always a little nervous of bigger dogs that are in fences, I'd keep walking and she would try to stop but as long as I kept going she'd keep walking past them. About 3 weeks ago she started refusing to walk past houses with big dogs in the back year and just tries to pull me backwards, I end up having to cave in because she's pulling so hard on her neck. She only does this when the dog is larger than her.

She used to be extremely friendly with strangers who wanted to come up and pet her, she would let them pet her for 5+ minutes and not even try to mouth or bite them like she does to her own family still. Yet shes suddenly doing the same thing with people as she is doing with larger dogs, she tries to run away from every stranger who tries to come to us. When I let her into the back yard the other morning to potty the wind suddenly blew and that gust of wind scared her, lol.

She goes to obedience training once a week, there are 4 other dogs all around her size and she ignores them perfectly fine and isn't scared at all there. Its just getting really hard to walk her since she wants to turn away and fight moving forward since there are so many dogs in my neighborhood.

Another topic on growth, shes 5 months and a bit over 40lb, not sure exactly how much since I haven't weighed her lately but I noticed that her growth and seemed to really have slowed down, is that normal at this age?
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