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A Wolfie Story

Since it's been a little while since I posted a Wolfie story and because he made me laugh at just how cunning he is, here goes...

When Wolfie is told not to do something, in this case barking at the neighbors dogs as they walk by, he takes a tantrum by kicking the hall table after I walk away. I told him to stop kicking the table, so he followed me in the livingroom and sat down in front of the fireplace. He wandered back into the front hall, laid down next to the table and kicked it again. I told him no, and he kicked it again. Fresh! So I walked into the hallway to shoo him out of there and he was laying on his side, head on the floor, foot on the table, eyes closed. I told him to take his foot off the table and he laid there pretending to be asleep. I took his foot off the table and he let it flop to the floor. I said his name a few times and he kept pretending to sleep. Now I'm trying to stay firm with him and not laugh. It was hysterical.He was seriously pretending to be asleep, and doing a good job of it. So I said " no kicking the table" and went back into the livingroom. As soon as I sat down he kicked the table again! This time I got up and he tried to pretend sleep again, but I made him get up and he was banished from the front hallway for a while. He is so darn FRESH!!! But very funny!

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