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I have no experience with allergies other then food allergies. Anyone have experience with pet allergies in kids? Does anyone have any insight how it usually shows up?

My daughter is 4, almost 5....she has had a full body rash for two is tiny small raised red bumps...get really red when scratched. They itch like crazy she says. This week is my son's spring break so we have been home and nothing coming in or out since he isn't going to school(he has brought home a few bugs this year). Nothing has changed other then us getting Abby girl last Saturday afternoon. The kids don't have a ton of contact with her....they pet her but don't lay on her or anything like that. JoJo my daughter's hands are bright red the rash is the worst there.

I am praying hoping it is a fluke....I have two other kids who are always rashy with something but JoJo is not like that.

I dosed her with meds so hopefully she improves tonight.

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