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Growing out of crazy puppy behaviors

Hi, I was just thinking back on how my now 12 week old Loki's behavior has changed since I brought him home at 7 weeks. Its been so fascinating to see his mental/physical development.

From about 7-8 weeks, he was such an aggressive little guy!!! He always played with his toys and my sleeves like he wanted to kill them, growling and shaking them like a maniac. Instead of cuddling on his bed or blankets he would attack and/or hump them.

And any time I got down to his level and kind of mimicked a doggy play bow, he would get this very serious, intense look in his eye and stalk me very slowly until his was about 2 feet away and he would pounce and bite hard! (I thought that was the cutest thing ever even though that serious eye contact looked so out of place in a little pup!) Never seen such an intense puppy! lol When I would say no, he would bark, growl, or snap his teeth at me.
At the time, I was like... wow... what have I brought home! if he's like this at 7 weeks, whats he gonna be like when he hits 4 months and starts teething!??!! haha
Anyways, I just let him be a puppy and really didn't get too stern with him, just tried to channel all that energy and gently redirect it when it came to biting people.

Now at 12 weeks he is so much more gentle and playful in a friendly way and more gentle with people and his toys. No more stalking either... one day he just totally stopped that and started responding to a play bow by being cute and playful. I know I'll be in for more craziness as he gets older and starts teething. But I thought I'd share to see if other people's young puppies went through a stage like this (is this normal?) and to maybe encourage anyone who just brought home a crazy pup like mine and was having worries that they were going to turn out aggressive and mean
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