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I've heard some in here use the NILIF ( nothing in life is free ) approach. I incorporate it as well at times.

"Dogs want good stuff. If the only way to get it is to do what you ask, they'll do it.
Good leadership encourages good behavior by providing the guidance and boundaries dogs need.
Practicing "Nothing in Life is Free" gently and effectively communicates to your dog that you are the leader because you control all the resources."

Besides the obvious benefit of controlling resources....leadership, IMHO..goes well beyond controlling the resources. Too many times, I have seen my wife "ask" the dog...coupled with a wishful hope that the dog will mind's amusing to watch at times but she doesn't care much for my chuckles. I also believe setting a dog up for success rather than failure has great merit to it..especially in the beginning learning phases. Patience to me, means...waiting for the best moment to get the desired result rather than giving a command and hoping for a good result.

I recall with the jumping as a pup routine ...I would greet my pup with a high value treat in hand and made sure she saw it before having the chance to jump up on me....if she jumped up on me, I would verbally mark with a "NO"....leave the kennel ( with treat in hand ) and try again in a minute or so. In the beginning, I'll bet the dog didn't get it's treat barely 1 out of 10 times....but patience....patience. 1 out of 10 times became 2 out 10 and so on over a short time span..until the dog was no longer a jumper. I also put an emphasis on the down/wait training and utilized that in conjunction with treating for not jumping on me.

Lots of different dogs out there and I assume what worked for me most likely will not work for others....but patience, proper expectations, confidence and leadership most always win the day.

Oh, I appreciate your weather situation as I live in MN.....however the first day of spring was wonderful today!

Hang in there,

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