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advice on dominance issues?

Hello everyone Bentley is my handsome almost 9 month old GSD. For the most part, he's a good dog but he has some dominance behaviors that concern me. First of all, I'm having a hard time showing him who's the pack leader. He jumps all over me, snaps at my hands and even my face if it's close enough to his and paws at me. I've been reading a lot on dominance and couldn't find anything that I'm not already trying to do so I'm hoping you fellow GSD owners can help. When I take him outside, I make him sit or lay down and wait for me to walk out of the door first and to give him the okay to follow. The same goes for coming back inside. I also make him wait for his food. He isn't always on his leash, but when he is, I grab that and try to correct him when he jumps, snaps or paws but that doesn't seem to phase him. I put my knee to his chest when he jumps and that doesn't seem to bother him either. I try to take him daily on structured walks and we play ball inside the house since it's too cold to play outside right now. (lovely Wisconsin weather) I'm really at a loss at what to do. My fiancé doesn't have these problems as often as I do so I know Bentley respects his space and sees him as a pack leader. My question is what can I do to show him I'm serious and to get him to see me as a leader as well?
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