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Wolfus being picky

Yesterday, I walked in and only half her food was gone, about 2 cups. I'm like what's up with that. This horse usually eats everything. I tried to get her to eat, no go. Knowing Wolfus and how she gets when she does not like something, I decided I would wash her dog food bowl. She ate her food, problem solved.
Today, I come in from grocery shopping and she has left food again.
Saying all this she eats everything else, treats, tidbits from my cooking, etc.
The only other time she has not eaten well was when she was a pup with worms. So I wormed her today.
After giving her a doggy biscuit she wolfed it down as usual. So , I said to myself maybe she is tired of the food. So I pick out different pieces and she eats them out of my hand.
It is odd for Wolfus not to eat everything in sight.
Anyone with any ideas? Or should I just wait and see if she is being contrary?
Oh, other than this she is acting like the same ole Wolfus.

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