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Pen for 5 week old litter pups

The welping box that we used for the birthing up to now has worked great. However, now that the pups (7 of them) are running around and doing their business, we need a better plan of action to keep the area clean. We currently are using used comforters with puppy pads under them and changing the comforter and pads out daily. While they are doing a great job, we need something that will better absorb and let the pups still have plenty of room to lay around without them either tearing up the comforter, puppy pads and keeping the pee/poop section seperate from their laying down and playing area (so that they don't step in the poop - which the mom now will go in and clean up).

We currently have a homemade box with plastic netting that is about the size of a queen size comforter.

Also, not pen related, but the mom pretty much is almost done nursing and really doesn't go in the pen (except to eat the poo) so should we be putting a bowl of water in the pen (they are let out in the morning and evening to eat and drink and play and again during the day to drink and play in our kitchen). If so, any recommendations on how to keep the water from not tipping over?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.
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