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Apsel loves frozen bananas, but he only wants a handful of thin slices then he's bored. He won't eat a whole just peeled banana, he'll mouth it a bit and drop it on the carpet>.<
He'll eat apples and loves carrots as well. He wasn't a big fan of dehydrated banana slices, but he seemed to like the dehydrated pineapple and mango chunks he stole from my plate the other day.

Our heelers are crazy about any kind of fruit and vegetable. They beg for an apple every time we pass our apple tree when it has apples to share. They both do the whole body wag when they get one and then its a race to eat them. Both nibble the peel off first then completely destroy the rest of the apple. We just have to watch and make sure the cores are not consumed in the frenzy. A few seeds won't hurt, but its just safer to avoid them.

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