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Working Line Male - 11 weeks to 5 years

Just a thread to share these progression pictures for anyone interested in seeing how my dog's developed over the years. Inspired by the "Throwback Thursday" tag on Facebook, for those who are on the site I did make a thread very recently so I don't expect any critiques (though of course, I don't mind them!). I was actually going to post this in the Pictures section but thought it'd be more relevant here.

Forgive the fact that he's faced the wrong way in EVERY single picture! I actually had to flip one or two of the earlier ones the wrong way around, just for easier comparison.

I wish I had worked harder on stacking him before (and teaching him to face the right direction...), but better late than never!

11 weeks (we actually saw this dog again a year ago, but didn't get a chance to say "hi" because we were with a friend and her dog)

15 weeks (our first sorry attempts at a stack; and yes, he had already torn through his leash)

6 1/2 months (finally, our first successful stack, so naturally it was a terrible picture)

11 months (suddenly, he began looking like a real dog)

1 year 3 months

2 years 6 months

3 years 3 months (and FINALLY! A REAL CAMERA!)

3 years 4 months

4 years 2 months

4 years 9 months (because he doesn't face the right way unless I'm directing him)

And now... 5 years old (notice how the pic
tures and the stacking got better!)

And from the front -

8 weeks

10 weeks

1 year

2 years 10 months

5 years

Bonus picture at 3 years 10 months, because I've been asked about him standing 4 point/square before (he doesn't like to do it naturally)

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