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Esmeralda at 6 months old! [White Shepherd]

Yep! I can't believe my little polar bear is already 6 months old. Its absolutely insane. Shes doing so well! We started obedience class on Tuesday. She doesn't really need obedience classes, its more for socializing and getting her more used to people. Shes fantastic with dogs of all sizes, but still shies away from people. To be expected with Shepherds, ofcourse =P

She now knows sit, down, stay, come, touch, okay (release), roll over, paw, up (raising front legs, nuisance behavior I added a command to to prevent her offering it constantly), speak, leave it, focus, go to bed, crate, through (going through things, like tunnels).. Well, really I could go on forever. Lets just say shes a smart little cookie.

I don't know much about feeding and supplements.. My breeder tells me to keep her on puppy food, and everyone else says to put her on adult food. Shes been on adult food for a few months now, after I couldn't get any puppy food. It has slowed her growth a bit (she used to be doing 1kg per week of age. Shes now 27 weeks and 23.5-24kgs.) Not sure whether to keep her on adult food or puppy food. She also receives supplements. Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.. One tablet per day.

Oh, she also does't sleep in a crate anymore. The crate has been completely removed and she just sleeps on a bed in the corner of our room. Shes 100% potty trained and just stays on her bed until given a release command. She has been sleeping like this since 4 1/2 months! Can't remember when we last had an accident. Even when we go out and just leave her loose in the house. We sometimes come home to her having chewed something (ie - a box) but NEVER find any wee or poo!

Overall, shes been an absolute blessing. Shes beyond perfect, beyond what I ever dreamt about 2 years ago. We're now planning our second White Swiss Shepherd puppy! He should be home just in time for Christmas this year =)

I hope you enjoy all her new pictures, just as much as I do =)

She knows not to jump up yet, so she put her front paws up and waited for me to lift her the rest of the way. Such a good girl ^_^

Meeting some of the other pups at the puppy class ^_^

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