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Looks like there are two decoys in this house :)

I'm so proud of my fiance Kiersten. She has expressed some interest in catching dogs, and has worked a few here and there to get a feel for it. She doesn't seem to want to be a full time decoy but still wants to learn that side of things. She has mostly worked her own dog in blinds and things of that nature or just fed a few bites. Well, tonight she really stepped up and did awesome! I needed a decoy to help me train my call off. She needed her dog worked as well so we just loaded them up and went to the park. Kiersten was catching like a pro! My call off's were going great so I was mixing long bites in with the call off's and she was catching, driving and fighting the dog like a champ! It was such a successful training session for our dogs. I couldn't have done it without her.
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