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And it just keeps coming(worrying about her size. Estimations?)

Hi there guys. Sorry to bug ya again, but Loki is about 5 months and 16 days. She's about 22" inches at her withers, and last recorded vet weight was 48 pounds about...ehh, two/three weeks ago. To me, she seems tiny. Long in the body, but itty bitty. I feel like she's underdeveloped for 5 1/2 months. You see all the 6 month old dogs and they look much more grown up/mature.

Loki still has the thick, short legs of a 15-17 week old puppy. She's just more 'puppyish' than other German Shepherds we've met at her age, and the pictures of your guys' GSDs on here.

I took a few pictures of her next to her crate, which is about 29 1/2" inches tall, and 42" inches wide. I do have another crate being ordered to fit her better as she grows older, this is just her puppy crate right now. Sorry about the picture quality.

Estimations for how big she'll get? Thanks guys! Edit: At what age should I expect her to stop growing vertically?

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