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Just Need to Rant - Friend is in Denial about her Dog Killing another Dog

A family friend of mine has always had Great Danes. She currently owns three, a female and two males, all intact, plus puppies her bitch had a couple of weeks ago (and she was surprised). Ugh.

But she said her two males started fighting about the time that her bitch came into heat, but she doesn't recognize that they were fighting over rights to breed, and absolutely refuses to get any of her dogs fixed.

Because her males were fighting, she gave her older male to her ex husband because he wanted him.
She contacted my mom and me and asked if we could find a place for him to go, because suddenly her ex didn't want him and she can't/won't keep him.

Well, the part she left out is that he killed another dog. But she says he didn't kill the other dog. He just attacked the other dog and its injuries were so severe that it had to be put down, meaning (according to her) he didn't kill the dog.

We've tried telling her that it would be most humane to take him and have him euthanized. He's an 8 year old intact black Great Dane, now with a history of killing another dog. No rescue will take on that liability and he'd be taken straight to the back to be killed at a shelter.
But I can see her taking him to a rescue saying he's fine with other dogs, because she REFUSES to see the risk the dog is.

I'm just at a loss for what to do because she thinks a rescue will take on a dangerous dog like this and doesn't understand how serious it is that her dog KILLED another dog.
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