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Looking for help

New to the forum & hope to be around for a while

I am looking for some help
My situation

We had a male Doberman from 10 years & a female GSD Husky mix. Last July our male Doberman passed away at the age of 13, he was 3 when we rescued him. Well our female, another rescue, has always been with other dogs so we decided we'd try to find her a friend.

Well while looking a co worker if my wife told us they knew of another female GSD Husky mix that needed a home. Now our female is mostly husky but tan black & white more like a GSD. She is 7.

The new female other then being white with black markings looks all GSD & acts like a GSD. She turns 2 in April.

So we got the 2 dogs together & they played together very well in our yard. Well we also have a 3 year old son so that was the next thing to see if the new girl liked him. Needless to say she loves him & already is a protector to him. She will let him do anything to her & just sits & stares ahead.

The new girl also has had some training. Sit, Stay, Down & also she is food nuts, not aggressive but inhales her food & acts like she is starving, but telling her WAIT she will just sit there & not go for the food until you say OK

So now suddenly the 1st problem. I don't know if the new dog is herding the old dog or what but when the old dog moves the new dog will run towards her & force her to go lay down. This has also caused about 4 fights as when I am letting them outside the new dog will act like she is going out 1st but then suddenly turn & circle behind the old dog which is when the fight starts. The new dog is on top grabbing the old dogs neck- not causing injury- & the old dog is going for the new dogs face most I think to get her off .

The odd thing is outside the older more Husky dog rules the roost. Also until the stuff in the house I have never seen her back down from another dog. She will play with any dog who wants to play but if the dog wants to fight she will do that also. On one of our walks, we live in Wisconsin so a ton of snow, there are 2 dogs that go nuts by their fence when you walk by. Well one of them jumped the fence & was in fight mode. The new girl backed down. Tail between legs ready to run. The older dog was going toe to toe with the fence jumper until my yelling got the other owner out.

So I know there are other things I want to work on but 1st want to stop the fights & new dog controlling or herding the old dog in the house

Any help is appreciated
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