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Hondo is a pretty solid dog. Sometimes he'll blow me off, but it is really pretty rare. One of the things we do every day is he'll walk with me to get my mail. We have a long drive way. The rule is, he has to sit at the gate and wait for me. He isn't allowed in the street off leash. Ever.

I don't count on him being solid, so I always wait till there are no cars and cross the road to get my mail. Before I actually cross, I'll give the command again and cross. He sits and waits. I don't say a word to him till I cross the imaginary line through the gate and I always say, "What a good boy!!!" and release him. We do this

A couple of days ago, I follow the normal routine. I turn and tell him wait, I cross the road, get my mail, turn around and he's gone. Gone. I was shocked. Apparently is was more important for him to run back to the house...past the the barn and mess with the horse. Which is a double no-no.

I wonder what goes through their minds.

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