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Submissive urination with 6 month old female...

I have a 6 month old female that has a SERIOUS submissive urination problem. It is really starting to stress me out.

Sasha will pee literally EVERY single time a person greets her. Even if I have not left the house, but leave the room or am not around her for an hour, she will pee next time I see her. This happens up to 10 times a day.

I do not over excite her. I try and ignore her. But even a simple touch or anything said to her and she will go into a squat and pee. She is not a timid dog by any means either. When people come to the house, sometimes unexpected, she will empty her entire bladder onto the floor and all over their shoes.

This is really starting to worry me that she thinks it is OK and maybe even the right thing to do considering she actually goes into squat position to pee.

Is this the point where it start to correct her for it considering ignoring her has only seemed to worsen the issue? My 11 month old male never has this issue once so this is new to me. Thank you for any help!!

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