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Originally Posted by SunCzarina View Post
Correct is warranted by age, offense and hardness of the dog.

What you're talking about is correcting the dog by keeping it in an uncomfortable spot that the dog put itself in to begin with. It's about timing and reflexes and having a plan in place for what to do in that particular situation. Perfect, I'd have done the same if I had the upperbody to do so.

The other thread turned sour when it became a ** removed by admin** attacking female trainers for their unwillingness to get physical with a dog. While I would never condone punching a dog in the head, I am a mostly positive trainer. Not afraid to push a dog out of my lap or off my bed if they don't do what they were told.

Women just aren't as big as men so it's annoying to read the women are going to blah blah high squeeky voice blah blah. Me trying to muscle 95lb Otto is like my preteen son trying to muscle my 70lb female GSD. Isn't going to happen. Yet both dogs will GSD hang on my daughters every command and she is so stereo typical of the high happy squeeky trainer voice. LOL she did basic OB with Venus when she was 8, that's what they taught her and it works for her. Both dogs adore her and see her as a leader, my second in command when it comes to dogs.
Please don't generalize and make it sound like all the male posters were bashing the little girls ............. rest removed by admin
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